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Niche Specific Training - as easy as Paint by Numbers!

What you get with Paint By Numbers Marketing System: Merchant Services:

  • Every word, written or spoken
How important is the initial contact?

  • I’ll give you the exact copy I used to generate these results
  • I’ll tell you the subject line(s)
  • I’ll tell you what I said when they called me directly
  • I’ll tell you what I said when I called them
  • I’ll tell you what I said when I left a voice mail
  • How did I know who to contact?
ESP? Guesswork? Nope!

  • I’ll tell you the best tools to use to generate a relevant and accurate list
  • I’ll give you the tips and tricks you need to build a list of quality potential customers – not a bunch of dead emails!
  • Want to go beyond Emails?
Email is great, but do you have Voice Drops?

  • I’ll share with you my custom script I use to drive Merchant Services customers to my phone
  • I’ll share the exact Voice Mail audio file I used in my personal campaign
  • I’ll share the Follow-Up and Incoming Response Recordings I used
  • What happens when they call me?
Do you struggle with closing the deal once a warm lead is on the hook?

  • I’ll share with you exactly what my team and I say when we have a warm lead that gets the deals done!
  • We’ll have live training where we discuss different scenarios and we’ll roll play so your comfortable!
  • What happens after they buy?
Now that the hard part is done – how do I fulfill and keep my customers happy (and paying month after month!)?

  • I’ll show you EXACTLY how I fulfill for my customers
  • I’ll show you how a little “extra” will win you miles of good-will
  • I’ll show you how to get he most profit (cash in your pocket) as you price and fulfill for your new client!

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